•Clearer life purpose

•Fear/anxiety control

•Work smarter

•More mindfulness


•Spiritual awareness


Eventbrite - LIFE MBA Personal Development Workshop


MEDITATION: I'll walk you through a few of my favorite guided meditations and teach you how you can start or enhance your practice.

FEAR/ANXIETY: You'll face the fears that are holding you back and complicating your life. 

PHILOSOPHY: We'll cover some of the most relevant classic ideas to give you strength.

BRAIN-HACKS: Supplements, memory techniques and eating habits to boost your brain.

THE POWER OF GRATITUDE: How reminding yourself to feel grateful will make you stronger.  





FOOD: I'll explain eating for ketosis, the science behind intermittent fasting, the best supplements for optimal performance and how to kick sugar. 

SLEEP: Methods for deeper, more consistent more restful sleep and some unique solutions

BREATH WORK: We'll talk about how using your breath can make you super-human.

PAIN & RECOVERY: Floatation therapy, Cryotherapy, Infrared light, vitamin shots and other innovative therapeutic modalities




ENHANCED INTUITION: We'll walk through exercises enhance your intuition so that you can get better at trusting your gut.

MANIFESTATION: You can create the life you want, and we'll talk about the tools and practices for walking down that path. 

NON-PHYSICAL INTELLIGENCE: Your spirit guides, your highest self, Ascended Masters, yep, we're gonna go there. 

ESOTERICA: I'll present some esoteric and metaphysical frameworks for you to enhance your life.


October 28

W Seattle



Why is this the THING for me?

Because you're ready for more!

Because you will leave this workshop better than when you arrived.

Because you know that there are things holding you back from living the life that you want and deserve.

You should attend because this one-day transformational workshop will propel you forward in your life. LIFE MBA is for your MIND, BODY and AWARENESS.


What will I get from it?

You'll get the latest information in brain-hacks, bio-hacks and lifestyle hacks. You'll receive coaching and you'll also coach yourself. You will engage exciting exercises to unlock your potential.  I've distilled 8 years of study and experimentation in the world of personal development into an immersive 8-hour workshop - just for you. There is nothing like this currently available. LIFE MBA combines coaching practices, practical life improvement techniques and spiritual downloads. You get first crack at this initial series of offerings by me, Sean McCormick.


How will I know it was a success?

At one or many moments during the workshop you will experience a quantum leap moment. A moment when you discover something about yourself that changes everything. You'll know this was a good idea when a certain technique breaks open your coconut and shifts the way that you approach your life.

If you show up energized and open to change - you will walk away with upgrades in various areas in your life.

Then, we'll set up accountability metrics to follow through.


Who's hosting?

It's me, Sean McCormick. You may know me as the owner of Washington's highest rated floatation therapy centers, Float Seattle and Float Bellevue. You may know me from my coaching and speaking work. You know that I live by these principles of positivity, love, performance and metaphysics - and I'm STOKED to share this content with you. 


A little about me

 MLS Players Union Meetings - I was helping players develop their career after soccer

MLS Players Union Meetings - I was helping players develop their career after soccer

 Presenting to Seattle Sounders FC

Presenting to Seattle Sounders FC

 Get useful information and perspective from my blog

Get useful information and perspective from my blog

 Keynote speaking at Breakaway 2017

Keynote speaking at Breakaway 2017

 Floating on NIGHTLINE on ABC News

Floating on NIGHTLINE on ABC News

 Making dad moves at the Farmers Market

Making dad moves at the Farmers Market

 Helping people be their best, it's what I do

Helping people be their best, it's what I do

Steve Hauschka

NFL Kicker & former Seattle Seahawk

"Sean, with his energetic personality, will help you see things in a different way. He will bring out your best."

Peter Shmock

Olympian, former Mariners Coach, elite trainer

"Sean McCormick - an up and coming thought leader on personal development and living the better life. Good heart - wise words. He has much to share."

Russel Okung

NFL lineman & former Seattle Seahawk

"Sean is unbelievably helpful. His understanding of mind and body is special. I've definitely been able to apply our work to the football field."

Ryan Munsey

Top rated podcaster, fitness expert & entrepreneur

"Sean is the perfect combination of passion, empathy, knowledge and experience. It's no surprise that he's guiding and empowering so many people."

Neal Mody

VC Director- life sciences, 


"Sean is the closest to a self-actualized person I've ever met. I know many hockey stick growth CEOs and investors who could benefit from learning from Sean."

Elite GK Coach, Trainer, Entrepreneur & Former Seattle Sounders GK

"Since committing myself to Sean's coaching and guidance, he has helped me organize my personal and business goals and turn them in to reality.  In under two months I've been able to increase my client base and financial earnings by 400%."

LIFE MBA partners

It is an honor to partner with such highly regarded products and organizations like our parters. These organizations that we believe in.

 The state's highest rates floatation therapy centers

The state's highest rates floatation therapy centers

For pain relief, stress relief and meditation - Float Seattle and Bellevue offer the most genuine floatation therapy available. 

 Our most gracious hosts

Our most gracious hosts

W Seattle is a premier luxury hotel located in downtown Seattle. W Hotels are a global leader in hospitality. It's a pleasure to host the first LIFE MBA here. 

 For optimal performance

For optimal performance

Natural Stacks is revolutionizing the supplement industry with open sourcing, accountability and innovation across the board.

 Eat like your life depends on it

Eat like your life depends on it

I've been a fan of Mark Sisson and the primal way of eating for years. His food products are perfect for the way I love to eat. 

 Wise Ape tea is unlike any tea you've had

Wise Ape tea is unlike any tea you've had

Altruism, Performance, Evolution. Wise Ape Teas combines innovative ingredients with a refreshing approach.

 Next-level personal training and boot camps

Next-level personal training and boot camps

I've known Ian since college, and his approach to life and fitness make him an exceptional partner for LIFE MBA.